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Thomas L. Jentz and Hilary L. Doyle

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Bertha’s Big Brother - KARL GERAET (60 & 54 cm)

The Super-Heavy Self-Propelled Mortar also known as Geraet 040/041

This is the history of the largest self-propelled gun fielded in WWII.  Inspired by war stories, the author dug into the original records to find the facts about its development, employment, and capabilities.  Drawings and photographs depict details of the six completed Karl-Geraet.  Translated combat reports reveal their success in engaging major fortifications at Brest and Sevastopol - one was even used to fire at the bridge at Remagen.   This 56 page book includes 65 photos, 18 drawings, and two maps of the target areas at Brest and Sevastopol

Panzer Tracts No.20-1 - Paper Panzers - Panzerkampfwagen & Jagdpanzer

Newly discovered info from secret files and original drawings were used to create new multiple views of the super Pz.Kpfw.Löwe (Lion), gigantic 30.5 cm Sfl. Bär (Bear), upgraded Jagdpanzer 38 D, makeshift 7.5 cm L/70 VK 903 Sfl., revolutionary Porsche leichte Panzer Typ 245, and mighty Maus II.  Many of these conceptual designs are revealed here in detail for the first time.  Data from original records tells the story of over 30 fascinating conceptual design projects - many never got off the drawing board while others were almost completed for testing.  This 60 page book covering over 30 Panzers is heavily illustrated with 75 scale drawings.

Panzer Tracts No.13 - Panzerspaehwagen (Armored Cars)

featuring four-view accurate 1/35 scale drawings of the Sd.Kfz.234/2 and Sd.Kfz.222 which are not available in any other publication.  Another first is new scale drawings of both versions of the rare Sd.Kfz.247 armored command cars.  Only data from original records was used in cleaning up the history and statistics of all the armored cars produced for the German Army in World War II.  As is our standard, the photographs in this 60 page Panzer Tracts were selected for clarity of detail and rarity of model - including never before published photos of the Sd.Kfz.234 series and Sd.Kfz.247


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PANZER TRACTS 6 - Schwere Panzerkampfwagen D.W. to E-100 including Tigers

Featuring never before published four-view 1/35 scale drawings of the VK3001(H), VK3601, and Porsche Typ 100 with turrets (the grandfather and fathers of the famous Tigers) not available in any other publication. Another first are new four-view scale drawings of the command versions of the Tiger (P), Tiger I, and Tiger II.

Among the new rare photos are rear views of the VK3601, clean multiple-view factory shots of a Tiger I, and three clean shots of a Tiger II undergoing trials. Data from original records tell the story of Krupp’s Tiger-Maus evolving into the E-100. As is our standard, all 44 photographs in this 60 page Panzer Tracts have been selected for clarity of detail and rarity of model.

Dreaded Threat - The 8.8 cm Flak 18/36/37 in the Anti-Tank Role

This is the history of the famous "88" - reputed to be the best anti-tank gun in WWII. Inspired by war stories, the author dug into the original records to find the facts about the development, employment, and ability of the 8.8 cm Flak to knock out tanks. Drawings and photographs illustrate the difference between the various models of the 8.8 cm Flak and interchangeability of the different models of L/56 gun tubes.

Details are presented on the two models specifically modified for use in the ground attack role - the self-propelled 8.8 cm Flak 18 Sfl. auf schwere Zugkraftwagen 12 t (Sd.Kfz.8) and 8.8 cm Flak 18 auf Sd.Ah.201 towed by an armored 8 to Zugkraftwagen (Sd.Kfz.7). Translated combat reports reveal the success of the 88 in France, North Africa, and Russia. These same accounts tell the high price paid by the crews for employing a weapon not designed for anti-tank warfare. This 52 page book includes 43 photos, 12 drawings, and statistics on armor penetration, accuracy, and number of rounds needed to kill tanks.

PANZER TRACTS 4 - Panzerkampfwagen IV

Panzer Tracts No.4 sets the record straight on the development lineage of this famous German Panzer. New drawings and photographs show the evolution to the Panzerkampfwagen IV from the multi-turreted Grosstraktor series, through the Neubaufahrzeug, to the never before exposed Rheinmetall Begleitwagen and the Krupp B.W. I and II. Fantastic new subjects for modelers and enthusiasts alike.

As the mainstay of the Panzer-Divisions, the Panzerkampfwagen IV was produced in nine major models (known as Ausfuehrung A through J). Panzer Tracts No.4 highlights the essential improvements incorporated into each Ausfuehrung as a result of battle experience. Every Ausfuehrung is illustrated with accurate 1:35 scale four-view drawings. Many rare and new photographs illustrate each model including some of the last model Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J with the wire mesh skirts and final production changes.

Meeting the high quality standard set by Panzer Tracts, this comprehensive history is newly compiled only from original primary sources. Readers will be confident they get accurate information on Germany’s most important tank during the war..

PANZER TRACTS 8 - Sturmgeschuetz to Sturmmoerser

Learn how the colossal Sturmmoeser on the Tiger chassis was developed and deployed in action. This exciting factual history is accompanied with first-time publication of accurate 1:35 scale drawings. Also, the coverage of the 15cm Sturminfantariegeschuetz is totally new. This powerful weapon, capable of destroying a building with a single round, was developed in only five and a half weeks for use in Stalingrad. For the first time in print, Panzer Tracts presents you with accurate four-view 1:35 scale drawings and new photographs, including a Sturminfantariegeschuetz fitted with the wider Winterketten tracks.

This 60-page Panzer Tracts has multiview 1:35 scale drawings of 15 versions of the Sturmgeschuetz, Sturmhaubitze, Sturmgeschuetz IV and Sturmpanzer IV, including 18 views not previously published. There is also unique coverage of a trial series with Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.B chassis and a second Ausf.A series using Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.G chassis.

In accordance with the high standard set for Panzer Tracts, the history and data were collected only from original documents and photographs. This sets the record straight, helping the reader eliminate the myths and misunderstandings surrounding these highly successful German fighting vehicles. The 49 high quality photographs were selected for their clear details and rare views, including many that have never previously been published.

PANZER TRACTS 9 - Jagdpanzer 38 to Jagdtiger

The Sturmgeschuetz success in knocking out enemy tanks led to development of even more powerful designs - the Jagdpanzers. With Guderian’s intervention, these new tank destroyers were allocated to all types of armored units.

Panzer Tracts offers for the first time unrivaled coverage of Jagdpanzer in one 60-page book. The Jagdtiger, Jagdpanther, Elefant/Ferdinand, Panzer IV/70 (V), Panzer IV/70 (A), Jagdpanzer IV and Jagdpanzer 38 are covered by 13 sets of accurate multiview 1:35 scale drawings. These are illustrated by 46 high quality photographs, many of them new. Many of the drawings, such as that of the 1945 Jagdtiger, show for the first time how these vehicles were outfitted with extra radios and their associated antenna when used as command vehicles.

The significant development steps are documented and presented in excellent visual and historical manner. Using data gathered only from original sources, Panzer Tracts again sets the high standard of unrivaled accuracy and value. This is a significant addition to the library of anyone interested in correcting and interpreting the photographs in picture books that frequently have misidentified and inaccurate captions.

PANZER TRACTS 12 - Flak Selbstfahrlafetten and Flakpanzer - Sd.Kfz.10/4 to 8.8 cm Flak auf VFW

Panzer Tracts No.12 has the most comprehensive coverage yet to be published on the German self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. As early as 1939 the German Wehrmacht ordered the 2 cm and 3.7 cm Flak to be mounted on the Zugkraftwagen 1t and 5t. Subsequently, the 2cm Flakvierling (four barreled flak) and other weapons were carried into action by the Zugkraftwagen 8t and s.W.S. Both armored and unarmored types were in service in large numbers and remained in production to the end of the war.

This 56-page book contains new high quality photographs, original history, and extensive accurate 1:35 scale drawings. Most of the information in this Panzer Tracts has never before been published. A highlight is the new information and drawings on the 2cm Flak mounted on a Zgkw. 3t with armor similar in design to the front of a Sd.Kfz.251.

Accurate 1:35 scale four-view drawings of the Flakpanzer 38t and the Flakpanzer on the Pz.Kpfw. IV chassis Möbelwagen, Wirblewind, Ostwind and Kugelblitz are available for the first time in print. This completely new history of the Flakpanzers is based solely on original documents. All new drawings show the production modifications for the turret and superstructure of the Ostwind and the new superstructure developed for the Pz.Kpfw. IV to mount the revolutionary Kugelblitz turret.   One of the great surprises is to learn that the fully tracked 8.8cm Flak 37 auf Sonderfahrgestell actually went into combat in Italy.

PANZER TRACTS 14 - Gepanzerte Pioniere-Fahrzeuge (Armored Combat Engineer Vehicles) - Goliath to Raeumer S

The casualties taken by combat engineers working under heavy enemy fire led to the development of a dazzling array of technologically advanced armored vehicles, such as remote controlled vehicles that could deliver a heavy explosive charge with pinpoint accuracy, advanced bridging systems launched from tanks, and a strange Rammtiger for ramming into houses. This is the first comprehensive coverage of these Gepanzerte Pionier-Fahrzeuge which were tasked with destroying bunkers and buildings, crossing rivers and obstacles, and clearing minefields.

This 56-page Panzer Tracts presents the first exciting history of these Pionier vehicles based solely on original documents. There are accurate 1:35 scale four-view drawings for the most tactically important types - many available for the very first time in print. Those interested in Pz.Kpfw.I, Pz.Kpfw.III, Tiger, and Sturmgeschütz will find new variants, modified to act as radio control vehicles.

The history of battle experience with the bridging tanks reveals a first time insight into the successes and problems encountered. Scale drawings include the various production models of the bridgelayers along with the Sturmstegpanzer with its adapted firefighting ladders.  This Panzer Tracts has a remarkable number of high quality photographs never before seen in print.

PANZER TRACTS 16 - Bergepanzer 38 to Bergepanther

New data, new accurate scale prints, and new photos are packed into this 36-page Panzer Tracts. Presented for the first time in any publication is the fascinating history of the Bergepanzerwagen based solely on original documents. These fully tracked armored recovery vehicles were developed as the German Panzers became heavier and harder to recover.

26 clean high-quality rare photos along with seven sets of new accurate 1:35 scale multiview drawings illustrate two versions of the Bergepanzer 38, the Bergepanzer III, the Bergepanzer IV, the Berge-Panzer VI, and two versions of the Bergepanther (Ausf.D and Ausf.G). Visual representation of key data on the automotive characteristics and armor is novel and delivers the required knowledge in a manner that is quick and easy to assimilate.

This Panzertracts puts these exciting and important armored vehicles in context and has created a standard reference work on the subject.

ROMMEL’S FUNNIES - Pz.Sfl.II, Sd.Kfz.6/3, sIG33BSfl., sFH13 Sfl. auf Lr.S., und Landwasserschlepper

Once again the author dug into the original records to find the history of some of the rarest armored vehicles created by the Germans. While the mainstay for the battles in North Africa were the Pz.Kpfw. III and IV, Rommel’s army troop tested numerous unusual weapons in combat.

Nowhere else can the enthusiast or modeler find the history of the Panzer-Selbstfahrlafette II (also known as HKP 902), a unique design for armored semi-tracked tank destroyers with a powerful 7.5cm L/41 guns, 15cm S.I.G.33 B Sfl., the special armored self-propelled gun using Pz.Kpfw. II components and powered by a Büssing-NAG V-8 engine, the rare 15cm S.I.G.33 B mounted on a Pz.Kpfw. III by the troops in the field, 15cm s.F.H.13 mounted on the French Lorraine tractor chassis, initially created for a special action by Rommel, 7.62cm Russian anti-tank gun mounted on the semi-tracked Zugkraftwagen 5t, and the Landwasserschlepper issued to support Rommel’s Special Forces in a planned attack behind enemy lines.

55 new and rare high quality photos illustrate these most unusual armored vehicles in Rommel’s Funnies

Panzerkampfwagen VI P (Sd.Kfz.181) - History of the Porsche Typ 100 and 101 also known as the Leopard and Tiger (P)

This is the book that had to be written - a scoop for Panzer Tracts!  During years of research, including visits to Porsche in Germany, the authors have uncovered truly amazing facts and data about Porsche’s development of Tiger tanks. Myths are destroyed and facts are now available to all.  This is the first time that the comprehensive history of the Porsche Tiger has been written for any publication. The photos are new, the history is new, the data is new, and the scale drawings are new - everything is new!

This 60 page book is packed with five sets of accurate 1:35 scale four-view drawings that show all the significant changes that occurred during the production run - illustrating Tiger (P) Nr.1, Tiger (P) Nr.3, Tiger (P) with Turret Nr.11 or 12 (the higher sided also mounted on the Tiger I), Tiger (P) Nr.7, and the uparmored and modernized Tiger (P) used as a command tank in Russia during 1944. Virtually every one of these Porsche Tigers was different.

63 outstanding quality photographs, the majority never seen before in a publication in English, visually enhance this great book.   Definitely a best buy!